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Take the 7-Day Breakfast Challenge & PROVE it for Yourself.

Mornings have never been this satisfying.🥞 Kickstart your energy & lose MORE weight this week.

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Come & dine with me.

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More than just a meal...

How a Generous Breakfast Helped Me Lose 100+ Pounds.🥝🧇🥓

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Twenty Years Ago: My 250+ Pound BEFORE

My face flooded red with embarrassment.

I hit a rock-bottom low that morning as I sat at the kitchen table eating ice cream from the carton. 🥄

When my elementary-school daughter hopped down the steps, I scrambled to hide my treat behind the newspaper. 🍨

My face flooded red with embarrassment when she asked,

"How come YOU get to eat ice cream for breakfast and WE can't?"

At that moment, I knew something had to change.

I made sure my kids started their day with healthy nourishment.

Why wasn't I giving myself the same gift?🎁

Sara in kitchen with yogurt for healthy breakfast

Today: My 120+ Pound Lighter AFTER

I hiked longer than my teenage son!

After a great night's sleep, I start my days ready for devotions & a quick workout.

I wouldn't dream of missing a high-quality breakfast with filling protein & fiber-filled fresh produce.

This morning jump start gives me the energy I need for:

  • Running multiple successful companies. My work gives me the incredible joy of helping thousands of women reach their weight loss goals.🏆
  • Spending time with my husband traveling for ministry events or seeing a show on date night. Plus, now I fit easily into the seats! 🎥🍿
  • Enjoying time with my kids shopping, hanging out, or going for hikes...where this post-menopause mom often out-lasts her teenage boys. 🥾
Breakfast Challenge meal plan

Struggling with breakfast ...or skipping it altogether?

THIS CHALLENGE is for you!👍🏻

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Get Ready to Be Wowed! 🎆

Delightful Flavors +

Easy Cooking =

A Lighter YOU in 7 Days!

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Join the Challenge...and watch what happens at the scale! ⚖️

Breaking out of a rut can be difficult, but you don't have to do it on your own.🤦‍♀️

Eating a high-quality breakfast makes weight loss easier.

⭐ Try it for yourself and see. ⭐

Digital Challenge Kit

  • 7 Day Healthy Breakfast Challenge Meal Plan ($14.99 value)
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Challenge Kit



Digital Challenge Kit $14.99
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Can't I just SAVE calories (or points) by skipping breakfast?🤔

Why Fueling Your Day the RIGHT Way Feels Like Magic✨...but it's Actually SCIENCE!🔬

What changes will YOU see in 7 days?

  • More energy⚡throughout the day...because you replenished your body’s glucose.
  • Improved cognitive function...for better concentration and focus.🧐
  • Prevent mood swings...from fluctuations in blood sugar.📉
  • Boost your metabolism💪 giving it a solid foundation for the day.
  • Regulate your prevent overeating later.⚖️
  • Manage your staying within your daily calories or points.✔️
  • Save time⏰in the morning...because you took the guesswork out of what to fix.
  • Build healthy habits...that improve your overall health.⚕️
  • Get support and motivation🙌..from real women just like you.
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When People Took the Breakfast Challenge,

Here's What They Said...

"I really enjoyed these breakfasts and will keep using them. They are more than I usually eat in the morning, but I’m not hungry for hours!"

- Sandi S.

"These breakfasts are better quality and more balanced than what I was eating. They kept me satisfied until lunch and I craved less sugary or processed foods during my day."

- Shayla M.

LaNette testimonial

"I was in a breakfast rut, eating the same thing every day. I enjoyed the challenge because I got to try new recipes that are not only great for breakfast, but good for other times of the day. I was anxious about eating more than normal but I lost 4.2 pounds this week!"

- LaNette W.

Your HEALTHIER Tomorrow Starts TODAY. 📅

Breakfast Challenge - Fanned Out Pages
Sara before after

Meet Sara.

As a busy pastor's wife, business owner, and mom to 5 kids (including two with special needs), I know how hectic life can get. I spent years busy taking care of others, yet neglecting myself.

Breakfast - if I ate it at all - was a rushed bowl of sugary cereal or a greasy drive-through sandwich with an extra large Diet Coke.🥤

Today, I've lost 120+ pounds & have been maintaining it for almost 20 years. I wouldn't dream of skipping breakfast.

I wake up hungry because I didn't binge on ice cream or candy the night before. I look forward to a healthy meal to give me energy for the day ahead.💪🏻

Give me 7 of your meals (you can do anything for seven days!) and let me prove what a healthy breakfast will do for you, too.😎


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What's included with the 7 Day Healthy Breakfast Challenge Kit?

The Breakfast Challenge Kit gives you absolutely everything you need for a week of tasty, satisfying meals to start the day right. Here's exactly what's included:

  • 7 Day Healthy Breakfast Challenge Meal Plan with Nutritional Information & WW points so you never question what to eat each morning. ($14.99 value)
  • 7 Day Healthy Breakfast Challenge Grocery List to streamline your shopping. ($2.99 value)
  • 7 Day Healthy Breakfast Challenge Cookbook to print & keep the recipes handy while you cook. ($7.99 value)
  • 7 Day Healthy Breakfast Challenge Meal Prep Guide so that you will be ready to go each morning. ($4.99 value)
  • Weight Loss & Daily Food Log Trackers to help you compare your before and after results. ($5.99 value)
  • {Bonus!} What to Eat the Rest of the Day so that you stay on track all day long. ($15.99 value)

An excellent value worth $52.94, you can snag it today for just $14.99.

Is this a real book?

This Breakfast Challenge Kit is a comprehensive digital system that provides the tools you need to prepare 7 days of healthy breakfasts that will keep you going. You will use these recipes and tips over and over again. Please keep in mind that all materials are delivered digitally in PDF formatNothing will be mailed to you.

Can I order the 7 Day Healthy Breakfast Challenge later?

You sure can. Just be aware that the discounted pricing will only be available for a limited time.

Is the food time-consuming to prepare? I'm busy.

The 7 Day Healthy Breakfast Challenge includes easy-to-prepare meals that anyone can make. All the ingredients are available in a regular grocery store. You'll want to follow the included Meal Prep Guide to set you up for success, or invest in the Effortless Mornings: 30 No-Cook Healthy Breakfasts order upgrade at checkout.

Effortless Mornings - Order Upgrade

What kind of results will I see with the 7 Day Healthy Breakfast Challenge?

Track what happens, because you are going to be amazed at how great you feel when you use the 7 Day Healthy Breakfast Challenge. Members of the test group experienced:

  • Reduced cravings throughout the day...even at night!
  • Less hunger mid-morning and later in the afternoon.
  • More energy, reduced lethargy, and even less need for coffee and soda.
  • Weight loss...despite the fact that they were eating more food!

Your results will vary based on individual health conditions, lifestyle, and dietary needs. Always consult with a healthcare professional or a registered dietitian for personalized advice based on your specific needs and health goals.

Can I use this plan if I have dietary or medical restrictions?

For most situations, yes. The plan is naturally gluten-free, but it is not dairy-free or plant-based. Check with your doctor or medical health professional for your specific situation.

Will this challenge work for me if I'm a picky eater?  

We encourage you to follow the breakfast challenge as closely as possible. You might discover a new favorite! However, if there's a food you just can't tolerate, we'd be happy to suggest a healthy substitute. Check out the Effortless Mornings: 30+ No-Cook Breakfast Recipes upgrade at checkout for even more options.

I need my morning coffee. Can I still have it?

Yes! No need to skip your morning wake-up drink. Enjoy your coffee or tea as you always do. If you normally add sweetener or creamer, simply add these to your day's total calories or points.

What is your return policy?

Due to the digital nature and group experience of this product, we do not offer refunds. Please email us if you have questions before purchasing.


Let us do the hard work for you. Get our awesome 7 Day Healthy Meal Plan now. Simply click the button below for instant access.


*Your results may vary. Consult a doctor or medical professional before starting. WW/Weight Watchers does not support or endorse this product.